Our Policy

Tagline: Creating Moments

Brand Story

Cali is an all-day dining establishment where diners can savour the finest flavours prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Its eclectic menu is inspired by European, American and Asian cuisines from around the world. Much care has also been lavished on the preparation of the dishes, from the selection of ingredients to the plating of dish, resulting in a perfect mix and balance of heavenly flavours to the table.

You’ll always discover a constant source of new experiences in Cali. Whether it is in creative menu refinement or the adoption of new innovative technology, there’s always something refreshing to be enjoyed here.

Cali is above all a place where genuine connections are created amongst people. It provides a comfortable and familiar environment where diners can engage in long heartfelt conversations and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Corporate Profile

Cali is a restaurant that caters to those who appreciate the more amazing things in life.

Open 24 hours a day, this restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes inspired by well-loved cuisines from around the world. Using only the finest ingredients, each dish is prepared and served at the highest standards.

Those seeking a fresh new experience will not be disappointed either. That’s because it features innovations such as a robot butler or a delightfully creative bimonthly menu.

A memorable culinary journey isn’t all you’ll discover at this delightful eatery. Nestled within Park Avenue Rochester Hotel and Park Avenue Changi Hotel, these spacious grounds will immerse you in a relaxed ambience that encourages mingling and lingering.

A place where part of your bill will go to people in need, you’ll be doing your bit for society every time you dine at Cali.

Creating new experiences, forming connections and building relationships – that’s what Cali does best.

Brand Vision

To be the preferred meeting place for people who enjoy delightful moments savouring good food while connecting with others.

Brand Mission

To offer diners a unique experience that combines freshest ingredients, welcoming ambience and constant innovations.

Brand Values:


We’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to connect to our customers as well as new ways to serve our multiracial community.


We’re continuously striving to come up with new ideas to delight our customers, from the adoption of new technology to innovation in our menu.


We’re passionate in serving our customers and giving back to the community. It’s a part of our DNA.

Tone of Voice:


We communicate with customers the way we communicate with a friend. Clear, conversational and empathetic.


We are always thinking of ways we can serve our customers better. Our communication reflects this with its caring, informal and respectful tone.


We are assured and forward-looking, and we communicate in an active, lively and engaged manner.