Cali Events

Cali is a unique venue for functions and a perfect hot spot for get- togethers with family, friends and also an ideal space for birthday celebration, solemnisation, weddings, launches, conferences baby shower etc.

Cali offers a variety of private spaces for parties, meetings, and other events. Our rooms can be tailored to your taste and requirements depending on the occasion. Whether it is a lavish celebration, canapé party, formal meeting or press presentation; The versatile space is equipped with hidden plasma screens, wireless internet access, wireless mic, speakers cuddled with tranquil lush greenery and pool view.

Cali hosts events regularly but the restaurant is available for hire for any occasion you have in mind. Menus in all forms can be customised and our in house co-ordinator is always on hand to design packages to suit the client’s needs.

At Cali we elevate your event – You create Cali moments and we will add magic.

Event Packages

We provide a wide range of package for you to choose from.

Cali Innovative Buffet

Per Pax - $66++

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Smoked Salmon Salad
  • Crab Meat & Pickled ginger tartlets
  • Marinated Cajun Shrimp with fusilli Pasta Salad
  • Buffalo Mozzarella and tomato salad


  • Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup


  • Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon butter sauce
  • Grilled lamb chops with merlot juniper berry sauce
  • Grilled boneless leg of chicken with gravy
  • Striploin Steak
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Sautéed Vegetables with pine nuts
  • Pimento Rice


  • Assorted Fruit Platter
  • Mini Pecan pie
  • Tiramisu Shooters
  • Panna Cotta Shooters


  • Water
  • Free Flow of Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks @ S$2++ Per Pax

Cali Passionate Buffet

Per Pax - $54++

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Prawn & Mixed Bean Salad
  • Asparagus Sprouts wrapped with shiraz glazed roast beef
  • Smoked Salmon with Onion rings and Capers


  • Roast Chicken with Gravy
  • Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce
  • Meat Ball with tomato stew (beef or chicken)
  • Smoked Duck Pasta
  • Lyonnaise Potatoes
  • Sautéed Vegetables


  • Assorted Fruit Platter
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Creme Brulee


  • Water
  • Free Flow of Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks @ S$2++ Per Pax

Cali CSR Buffet

Per Pax - $46++

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Potato Salad with Bacon bits in mayonnaise
  • Smoked Salmon ceviche on belgian endives
  • Mixed Garden Salad with assorted condiments of:
  • Feta Cheese
  • ​Garlic Croutons
  • Black Olives
  • ​Cherry Tomatoes
  • Ceaser Dressing
  • ​Chicken Breast
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • ​Bacon bits
  • Olive Oil


  • Pan Seared Sea Bass with lemon butter sauce
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Beef Bolognese with Spaghetti
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Sautéed Vegetables


  • Assorted Fruit Platter
  • Mix French Pastries


  • Water
  • Free Flow of Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks @ S$2++ Per Pax

Cali Add On Menu


  • Roasted OP Ribs (7 Bone In) sufficient for 40 -50 Pax - S$580++
  • Roast Lamb Leg 4Kgs - S$320++
  • Roasted Pork Belly 4Kgs - S$280++
  • Roasted Pork Knuckle 6Kg - S$380+
  • Suckling Pig 4Kgs - S$360++


  • 3 Sauce (tomato, cream & pesto)
  • 3 Pasta (penne, spaghetti & fusilli)
  • 6 Veg (cherry tomatoes, olives, asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper, broccoli)
  • 4 Meat (chicken, smoke duck, prawns, chicken ham)


  • SPIRITS, BEER & WINE For 90 MINS - S$28++
  • 20 Ltrs Tiger Beer Barrel - S$320++
  • 20 Ltrs Cali Lager Beer Barrel - S$300++
  • House Pour Wine By Bottle - S$32++
  • Tiger / Heineken / Corona - S$6++
  • Beverages Discount From Menu - 30%


  • Spirit Bottles (6 can of mixer) - S$60++
  • Wine Bottle - S$20++
  • Beer Can/Bottle - S$2++


  • First three hours for full venue (accommodate around 80 pax) on weekday @ S$580++ (additional S$320++ for weekend & PH)
  • First three hours for part of the venue (accommodate around 30 pax) on weekday @ S$380++ (additional S$280++ for weekend & PH)
  • Followed by every additional hour on weekday @S$180++ (additional S$120++ for weekend & PH)


  • Variety of function venues ideal for meetings. Each hall is uniquely designed, equipped and furnished to meet the different requirements of organizers.
  • Our function halls offer facilities suited for various activities including corporate meetings, seminars, Solemnization functions and wedding receptions etc
  • Full carpeted venue with projector & screen, wireless microphone, swimming pool view with set up of covered round tables and chairs. for more information please email on

Cali Set Menu

Per Pax - $38++

Min number of Pax : 10(max 30)


  • Cream of Wild Mushroom

STARTER(Choose One)

  • Grilled Foie gras with Asparagus
  • Tuna Tartare with Avocado

MAINS(Choose One)

  • Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potato & Lemon Batter Sauce
  • Grilled Striploin with Fries and salad
  • Crab Meat Pasta with Linguine Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes


  • Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice cream

DRINKS (Choose One)

  • Choice of Tea or Coffee

Cali Cocktail Menu

Per Pax - $58++(2 hours)/22++(additional hour)

Min number of Pax : 12


  • Tuna and Black Olives Sandwich
  • Deep Fried Chicken poppers
  • Mix Nuts
  • French Fries
  • Assorted Pizza
  • Onion Rings
  • Fish Finger


  • Water
  • Smirnoff Vodka
  • Jim Beam Whisky
  • Gordon Dry Gin
  • Bacardi White Rum
  • House pour Beer Cali Lager
  • House pour wine Pierre Jean
  • Soft Drinks

Cali High Tea Menu

Per Pax - $28++

Min number of Pax : 20


  • Tuna and Black Olives Sandwich
  • Classic Egg mayonnaise Sandwich
  • Deep Fried Chicken poppers
  • Garlic Bread
  • ​Croissant
  • Assorted Danish
  • ​Cookies
  • Pound Cake
  • ​Assorted Fruits


  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Halal Asian Delight Buffet

Per Pax - $38++(8+1 Beverage)

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Vegetarian Fried Rice
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice
  • Kampung Nasi Goreng
  • Fragant Belachan Fried Rice
  • Assorted Vegetarian Fried Rice
  • Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Salted Fish Fried Rice
  • Garlic Butter Rice
  • Tom Yum Fried Rice


  • Nonya Chap Chye
  • Mixed Vegetables Deluxe
  • Baby Kailan with Carrot
  • Sitrfry Long Cabbage w Black Fungus
  • Sambal Long Bean
  • Assorted Vegetables with Samba
  • Stirfry Lady Finger
  • Baby Spinach with Trio Egg
  • Butter Glazed Mixed Vegetables


  • Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon
  • Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon
  • Mee Siam Goreng
  • Mee Goreng Istimewa
  • Stirfry Hokkien Mee
  • Braised Ee Fu Noodles
  • Black Sauce Kway Teow
  • Fried Dry Laska


  • Steamed Chicken Siew Mai
  • Steamed Har Gao
  • Beancurd Roll
  • Vegetarian Spring Roll
  • Steamed Mini Soon Kueh
  • Steamed Gyoza with Vinegar Dip
  • Pan Fried Gyoza with Mayonnaise
  • Phoenix Roll
  • Net Prawn Spring Roll


  • Thai style Crispy Chicken
  • Gong Bao Chicken with dry Chilli
  • Braised sesame oil chicken
  • Zesty Lemon chicken
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Sambal Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Ayam Masak Merah
  • Shrimp paste Crispy Chicken

Bean Curd / Egg

  • Golden beancurd with broccoli and cauliflower
  • Ma Po Tofu
  • Braised beancurd with assorted vegetables
  • Thai Style beancurd with onions
  • Onion Egg omelette
  • Hawaiian Egg Omelette
  • Fu Yong Egg Omelette
  • Tofu with Egg White Sauce
  • Egg Treasure Beancurd with Pacific Clam


  • Mini Cream Puff
  • Mini Chocolate Eclairs
  • Mini Chocolate Donut Ball
  • Pandan Swiss Roll
  • Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • Strawberry Swiss Roll
  • Marble Cake Slice
  • Chocolate Butter Cake Slice
  • Pandan Cake Slice

Finger Food

  • Chicken Ngoh Hiang Roll
  • Breaded Scallop
  • Seafood Fried Wanton
  • Golden Spring Roll
  • Thai Fish Cake
  • Sambal Fish Ball
  • Sotong Paste Dough Fritters
  • Sea Coconut with Grass Jelly


  • Zesty Lemon Fish Fillet
  • Fragant Oat Cereal Fish Fillet
  • Black Pepper Fish Fillet
  • Breaded Fish Fillet w Tartar Sauce
  • Stirfry Fish Fillet w Spring Onion and Ginger
  • Crispy Fish Fillet with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Crispy Fish with Salt and Pepper
  • Ala Orange Fish Fillet
  • Fish with Hollandaise Glaze


  • Mixed Fruit Cocktail
  • Grass Jelly with Longan
  • Aloe Vera with Nata De Coco
  • Grass Jelly with Mixed Fruit
  • Red Ruby with Coconut
  • Sea Coconut with Longan
  • Sea Coconut with Grass Jelly

BEVERAGE(Choose 1)

  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Squash
  • Apple Cordial
  • Lime Cordial

Halal Baby Shower Buffet

Per Pax - $36++(8 + 1 Beverage )

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Auspicious Red Egg

Ang Ku Kueh

  • Red Bean Ang Ku Kueh (Boy / Girl)


  • Fish Fillet with Oat Cereal
  • Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce
  • Steamed Fish with Oriental Sauce
  • Breaded Fish Fillet


  • Sambal Prawn
  • Butter Prawn with Oat Cereal
  • Crispy Prawn with Fruit Cocktail & Mayonnaise Dip
  • Breaded Seafood Ring


  • Curry Chicken with Potato
  • Crispy Chicken with sweet sauce
  • Prawn Paste Chicken
  • Breaded Seafood RingBraised Sesame Oil Chicken


  • Sin Chow Bee Hoon
  • Wok Fried Mee Siam
  • Chef Signature Fried Dry Laksa
  • Hong Kong Fried Noodle


  • Oriental Fried Rice with Fried Shallot
  • Steamed Glutinous Rice with Peanuts
  • Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken Floss
  • Wok Fried Rice with Corn & Crabbite


  • Baby Kalian with Oyster Sauce
  • Seasonal Vegetable & Mushroom
  • Braised Bean curd with Mushroom
  • Mixed Cabbage


  • Mini Cake Slice
  • Assorted Swiss Roll
  • Sea Coconut with Longan
  • Fruit Cocktail with Longan


  • Orange Cordial
  • Lime Cordial
  • Pink Guava Cordial
  • Fruit Punch
  • Apple Cordial

Cali High Tea Buffet

Per Pax - $72++

Min number of Pax : 30


  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad
  • Sea Food ceviche on belgian endives
  • Asparagus sprout wrapped with streaky bacon


  • Cream of Pumpkin with Prawn


  • Oven roasted Sea bass with crab meat remoulade
  • Grilled lamb chop with merlot juniper berry sauce
  • Market Fresh sea food bouillabaisse in chardonnay cream sauce
  • Angus Ribeye with red wine sauce
  • ​Oven Baked Broccoli in bechamel sauce with Grana padano
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • ​Roasted Garlic Butter Rice


  • Creme Brulee
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Assorted Fruit Platter
  • Raspberry Soy Panna cotta


  • Water
  • Free Flow of Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks @ S$2++ Per Pax

Halal High Tea Buffet

Per Pax - $24++(8 + 1 Beverage)

Min number of Pax : 40


  • Potato Salad
  • Thai Papaya Salad
  • Thai Green Mango Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Thai Papaya Salad


  • Steamed Soon Kueh
  • Steamed Har Gow
  • Steamed Lotus Pau
  • Golden Spring Roll
  • Fried Wanton
  • Breaded Crab Claw
  • Breaded Fish Finger
  • Mini Pizza
  • Golden Samosa
  • Breaded Seafood Ring


  • BBQ Drumlet
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Chicken Nugget
  • Prawn Paste Chicken
  • Lemongrass Chicken Drumlet


  • Vegetable Fried Bee Hoon
  • Hong Kong Fried Noodle
  • Oriental Fried Rice
  • Sin Chow Bee Hoon
  • Fried Mee Siam (Dried)
  • Mee Goreng with Tomato
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice
  • Pineapple Fried Rice


  • Cordial Tuna Mayonnaise Sandwich
  • Cordial Ham Mayonnaise Sandwich
  • Cordial Sardine Mayonnaise Sandwich
  • Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich


  • Mini Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • Mini Chocolate Éclair
  • Mini Vanilla Swiss Roll
  • Mini Butter Cake Slice
  • Mini Lemon Swiss Roll
  • Mini Chocolate Cake Slice
  • Mini Pandan Cake Slice
  • Mini Marble Cake Slice


  • Chin Chow with Longan
  • Aloe Vera with Fruit Cocktail
  • Fruit Cocktail with Longan
  • Ice Jelly with Fruit Cocktail
  • Sea coconut with Longan


  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Pink Guava Cordial
  • Fruit Punch
  • Apple
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • No venue charge if food is catered from Cali - Chocolate Brownie
  • Duration of booking is for 4 hours. You can come over for set up 30 mins prior to the allotted event timings
  • Lunch hours from 11.30 am – 3.30 pm
  • High Tea Hours from 3 pm to 5.30pm
  • Dinner Hours from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Late night hours from 11.00 pm – 2.00 am
  • Buffet will remain for 2 hours and 30 mins
  • Child below 4yrs will not be charged, for age 5 - 12yrs will be charged 60% of the buffet price & child above 12yrs will be charged adult price.
  • We allow you to bring your own cakes or dessert station
  • Deposit payment of $500 required for confirmed reservation.
  • AV Equipment includes (Projector, screen, wireless microphone, speaker) available with rental charge of $150++
  • The Management accepts no responsibility for any cancellation by the guest and the deposit made is non- refundable after one week of deposit receipt./li>
  • Guest are not allowed to remove any food or beverage for take away from the premises during or after function as per NEA regulations
  • Refrain from using staples, tacks, nails, tapes or screws to put up decorations; please ask Restaurant in charge what is acceptable
  • Lessee is responsible for any damage caused during the event and will be charged for the damage
  • All decorating and removal of decorations is the responsibility of the renter, and decorations must be removed immediately after the function
  • Loud noise is not allowed after 10.30PM
  • NO duty free liquor is allowed to bring in the premises

We host events such as:


Baby Shower

Business Meeting

Coporate Event


Festive Celebration



“The place was so beautiful and the staff was wonderful, helpful. The food was outstanding. There was a private party going on in the side room. Everyone was having a wonderful time.”

Mary Jane, 23


As of 2018, We are proud to have 2 Cali Outlets in Singapore. The 1st Outlet is located at Changi, while the 2nd Outlet is located at Rochester.

Restaurant Layout & Amenities

View the floorplan layouts at both Cali Outlets in Changi and Rochester using the tab below. You’ll have a better idea on how to utilize and manage the space available to you.

Capacity - Sitting: [ 80 Sitting ]

Capacity - Standing: [ 30 Sitting ]

Capacity - Sitting: [ 80 Sitting ]

Capacity - Standing: [ 30 Sitting ]

Restaurant Amenities

We provide the following amenities stated below for our customers’s usage and enjoyment in our Cali Outlets. Enjoy these unrivalled benefits now!

Air Conditioning

Bar Tub

Bring your own stuff

Full bar




Smoking Area


Payment Methods

To make it more convenient for our customers, we have expanded different modes of payments. As such, Cali will now accept the following payment methods:






Online Transfer

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