Welcome to Cali

At Cali, We provide services for your reception, birthday party, baby shower, luncheons, corporate event, cocktail party or gallery opening.


Our Menu

Indulge in some of the best mouth watering dishes in the city. We also serve a wide range of tea and coffees and we’re sure you’ll find what you need. So what are you waiting for? Come dine with us!



As of 2018, We are proud to have 2 Cali Outlets in Singapore. The 1st Outlet is located at Changi, while the 2nd Outlet is located at Rochester.


Cali Innovation

In line with our values of Passion, Inventive and enterprising, the concept of using a robot to carry out Room & Table Service came into fruition with support from SPRING;s Capability Development Grant(CDG).

The launch of the robot got featured extensively in all major media outlets like National Geographic, Primetime Asia, The Straits Times, Channel 8 and even received internation coverage via Sky News Australia.

"Cobie has also featured in the Lean Enterprise Developemnt(LEDS) - October 2017 newsletter showcasing progressive SME's that want to become more manpower-lean."

Cali Society

Believing in the culture of giving back and to build stronger communities. The Happy Roots Pte Ltd aims to support charities., non-profit organisations and local volunteering groups. Our desire is to be an instrument of change by making genuine efforts to make a difference in other people's quality of life.

Effective 1st May 2018, the company intends to allocate SGD50 per day towards its charity an community support initiatives. Customers who dine at Cali(restaurant's brand name under The Happy Roots Pte Ltd) are given the options to contribute SGD5.00 or SGD10.00. This contribution amount by customer will not incur any tac xomponent and will be recorded in the receipt under "Social Responsibility" head. This contribution will also be tracked under the Company's financial accounts to ensure accountability and transparency of all amounts collected through customers.

Our intention is to support local based charity and community centric organisations dealing with the Elderly, Children, Education, Humanitarian & other related causes which the mangement team feels requires their support. As a company, we believe in providing sonsorship in the form of in-lind donations and material support instead of cash or cheque donations to ensure that the actual needs and requirements of these charity organisations are met. The sponsorship will be conducted every 2-3 months.

We encourage our customers to provide suggestions on worthy causes that they would like us to support and we will incorporate them into our future initiatives.

Employees of The Happy Roots Pte Ltd and affiliated companies are encouraged to join the projects voluntarily and to provide their time for a worthy cause

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