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How to Choose a Restaurant in Singapore

There’s nothing better than having a fantastic meal at a wonderful restaurant in a beautiful place. The experience of having someone cook your meal for you, and having it served to you can be one of the best nights out. Singapore is certainly beautiful, and it has some of the best restaurants in the world. When you’re faced with so many choices, how do you choose the one for you? There are always some things to consider that can influence your decision.


The location of the restaurant is usually one of the first thing that people think about when choosing a restaurant. Most people prefer to find ones that are within walking distance. If you’re able to walk to the restaurant, then you won’t have to drive or find a cab. Although there are always some restaurants that are worth travelling extra distance. If you’re looking for a particularly romantic setting, maybe a waterside restaurant might be what you’re looking for it.


If you do decide to drive to your chosen restaurant, then the parking available will be need to be considered. Some restaurants offer valet parking, or if the restaurant has no parking, you’ll need to find some parking close by. You should also find out if the restaurant validates parking.

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Ambiance can be a deciding factor in choosing a restaurant. The ambiance will affect your overall experience. You should find out if the restaurant plays music, and if they do, what kind of music, and how loudly. If you’re trying to find a restaurant in Singapore where you can combine good food with business, consider looking for one that offers private rooms. Another good idea is to look at the people who typically frequent the restaurant or cafe, if these are the kind of people who you are comfortable with, then the restaurant could be just what you’re looking for.


The decor in a restaurant should be considered. It does make up part of the ambiance, but it is a factor by itself. Research the restaurant to check if the decor suits your taste. If you prefer understated decor, you may feel uncomfortable in a restaurant with bright colors and bright lights. If you want somewhere with a more romantic feeling, you should consider somewhere with candles and flowers. If you’re looking for a night out with a group of friends, you might want brighter lighting and a different kind of feeling.


The type of cuisine on offer should also be considered. If you’re looking for something light for a daytime meal, then try a cafe in Singapore. For a more substantial meal, then you can choose between many different types of cuisine. Look for a menu that appeals to you. If you don’t like a certain kind of food normally, then you’re unlikely to want to eat in a restaurant that exclusively serves it.

Healthy Options

For some diners, one of the most important factors is that the restaurant prints the nutritional information of each item, or offers a healthier alternative. Diners are looking for healthier options when it comes to dining out, and if you want the option, check to make sure that the restaurant offers a healthy menu.

The Chef

If the restaurant offers a specific type of cuisine, then you should check where the chef comes from. If the chef is from the same country as the food, then you’re more likely to experience a more authentic menu. A chef who isn’t from the same country as the food is more likely to serve a stylized version of it, which can also be incredible, but if you want an authentic taste, an authentic chef is your best bet.

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Wine List

For many people, the choice of wines can be a huge draw to a particular restaurant. You might be looking for a specific wine or label, so you should make sure that the restaurant offers it. You should also consider how the wine list pairs with the type of food the restaurant serves. You might want to look for a restaurant with a sommelier. A good sommelier will be able to recommend the most appropriate wine to pair with your meal.

Beverage Menu

You should check the whole beverage menu and not just the wine list. Many of the best restaurants in Singapore have craft beers, and you can try something different. Craft beers are less expensive than traditional beers, and they’re fuller flavored. Some restaurants offer a wide range of craft beers, so their customers can always find something to their tastes. If you don’t drink alcohol you should check the soft drink menu. Some restaurants and cafes can make non alcoholic cocktails, or offer a huge variety of minerals.


Your budget is always part of any decision making process. When you’re looking for the best restaurant in Singapore, you also need to think about how much money you want to spend on your meal, and which restaurant will give you best value for money.


Some restaurants have special offers, or are associated with your hotel. You should ask the staff if any of the restaurants they recommend run any offers. Sometimes you can get a percentage discount for being a guest of the hotel.


Bad service can ruin a good meal. However, you can make things easier for your server. If the restaurant is busy, make room on your table for your server to place things. Generally speaking, you will get better service if you are polite to your servers. However, there is no excuse for genuinely bad service. Read any online reviews of the restaurant to find out what experience other people have had with the service.

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Some restaurants incorporate technology into their service, with apps that allow you to make reservations, and pre order. For some this is a very important consideration.


A good restaurant will have good standards of hygiene. Many people have a drink in the restaurant first, and use the restrooms. A good sign that a restaurant or cafe has high standards of hygiene is that the hygiene in the restrooms. A high level of cleanliness here can show that there’s a high level of cleanliness in every area.

Special Requests

If you’re looking for a restaurant for a special event, like a venue for a birthday meal, then you want to make sure that they can handle special requests. If any of your party need to order a variation from the menu, for example a low salt version of a menu item, then you need to make sure that the restaurant is willing to accommodate it.

Dietary Requirements

Some people follow a specific diet, and if you do, you should look for a restaurant that can cater to your requirements. Some restaurants will offer special dietary menu items as part of their menus, others may offer only a special dietary menu, such as a vegetarian or vegan restaurant.

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Some restaurants require that you make a reservation, others will seat walk ins. Find out if you need to make a reservation.


Restaurants that are busy are usually very good. If people aren’t eating in a restaurant then there’s probably a good reason for it. A sign to look for in a good restaurant is if the locals eat there. If they don’t, then you probably shouldn’t either.

Opening Hours

If you’re looking for breakfast in Singapore, you’ll need to make sure that the restaurant or cafe is actually open when you need it to be. Many places open for lunch and dinner service, but you should check that where you want to eat serves at the time you plan to visit. Some locations have 24 hour service, but others don’t.

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If you’re visiting with a large group, or you plan to have a corporate event at a particular restaurant, you need to be sure that they can accommodate the number of your party. For corporate events this is particularly important, because you need the whole event to go smoothly.


The purpose of your visit will also factor into your decision. If you’re going for a one on one lunch, then you will have different requirements than if you’re looking for a venue for a birthday party in Singapore.


Word of mouth recommendations are a huge influence when we’re choosing somewhere to eat. When other people say that they like a particular restaurant or cafe, then we’re more likely to try it. If you’re visiting Singapore, you can ask the staff in your hotel for recommendations of the best places to eat.

Online Reviews

There are so many review sites online that you can check for suggestions on where to eat. These sites can give you an idea on every aspect of a restaurant or cafe, such as the decor, ambiance, menu and service.

There may be other things that influence your decisions that haven’t been mentioned here. You may have your own considerations. However you choose which restaurant you want to eat at, or whatever factors you take into consideration for selecting a cafe, Singapore has some of the best restaurants and cafes in the world.
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